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Jim Cramer's Real Money

Jim Cramer's Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World

By: James Cramer
Published By: Simon & Schuster

Fomats: Adobe PDF, Mobipocket Reader, Microsoft Reader Price

Price:$17.95 (£9.10 GBP)

How do you find hot stocks without getting burned? How do you fatten your portfolio and stay financially healthy? These are just some of the questions that former hedge-fund manager and longtime Wall Street commentator Jim Cramer answers as he explains how to invest wisely in chaotic times. His unique plain English style is as much fun as investing is -- or should be, when it's done right.

For starters, Cramer recommends devoting a portion of your assets to speculation. Everyone wants to find the big winners that can bring outsized gains, and Cramer explains how to allocate your portfolio wisely so that you can afford to take this kind of risk. He explains why "buy and hold" is a losing philosophy: For Cramer, it's "buy and homework." If you can't spend an hour a week researching each of your stocks, then you should hand off your portfolio to a mutual fund -- and Cramer identifies the very few mutual funds that he'd recommend.

Cramer reveals his Ten Commandments of Trading (Commandment #5: Tips are for waiters). He explains why he's not afraid to compare investing to gambling (and tells you which book on gambling you should read to become a better investor). He discloses his Twenty-Five Rules of Investing (Rule #4: Look for broken stocks, not broken companies).

Cramer shows how to compare stock prices in a way that you can understand, how to spot market tops and bottoms, how to know when to sell, how to rotate among cyclical stocks to catch the big moves, and much more. Jim Cramer's Real Money is filled with insider advice that really works, information that Cramer himself used to make millions during his fourteen-year career on Wall Street.

Written in Cramer's distinctive turbocharged style, this is every investor's guide to what you really must know to make big money in the stock market.

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